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About Peter

About us
Hi, my name is Peter, I'm an IT specialist and engineer originally from Poland.

I'm the owner of 'Peter's Computers', a computer repair workshop providing IT and repair services in the Manchester area.

I'm an experienced and reliable technician with a passion for diagnosing a fault, and providing a cost-effective solution. You will not be disappointed with the service I provide.

If you're interested in my IT journey, here's my story........

In 1997 I bought my first PC and just after the warranty expired, it broke down. I brought my PC to the computer shop to fix it. After a few months I had a similar issue with the same PC. At that moment, I decided to try to fix it on my own, and I did. I began learning about PC hardware and software on my own and found it very interesting.

I finished High School and as an IT Technician, I continued my education. After four years I became a graduate in Computer Engineering and at that time I was a IT freelancer. In addition to PC repair, I started to build laptops ('Compal' and 'Asus' laptop barebones were very popular around 2007).

In 2009 I established, 'Komputer Ekspert', a computer repair shop in Poland. I was mainly repairing laptops for private customers and local computer shops.

In 2013, my IT journey led me to London where I worked as an IT freelancer. London is expensive, I had to take a second job! Around that time, the Playstation 4 was released, so I started to provide repair services for those consoles as well, in addition to configuring and installing IP cameras.

In 2015 I moved to Manchester and worked for AriaPC as an IT Technician. I was fixing 'non-Gladiator' computers and building high-end Gladiator Gaming Systems.

In 2016 I started my own business called 'Peter's Computers'.

There are many computer repair shops in Manchester, but, I know I can provide something different.  I offer FREE DIAGNOSTICS and a 'No Fix, No Fee' policy.

As a techy, computers are my passion. I offer lowered prices for upgrading or bringing an old machine back to life (manufactured in 2010 and prior). If you're wondering whether or not it's cost effective to fix or upgrade your old PC or laptop, just CALL ME and set up your appointment today! FREE DIAGNOSTICS, FREE ESTIMATES and professional components recommendation!

HOME SERVICE available (for quick repairs or collection) or just DROP OFF your device. I will always find the most cost effective solution to your problem.

Free Diagnostics | Great Pricing | No Fix, No Fee

Manchester M18 7AN  | Call Peter  0742 900 3110
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